Review: Sourced Market (Victoria)


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As the newest member of the Sourced Market family, the new Victoria branch joins its sisters at St Pancras station and Marylebone as the one stop shop for all your produce needs. They bring all the great attributes of a farmer’s market into the city. I’ve been going to the St Pancras station branch for the last few years – although the frequency of my visits decreased when they stopped serving Monmouth coffee.

In their own words:

“We like our customers to be able to eat and drink with us so we offer fantastic coffee, craft beer and wine and a selection of great food that will take you from breakfast to lunch to light plates in the evening.”

And it’s all sourced ethically and sustainably!

Located in the long-awaited new Nova Food complex adjacent to Victoria station, alongside other great food and drink places like Vagabond, Franco Manca and Greenwood, Sourced is a welcome addition to the area.

It’s about a one minute walk from Victoria tube station and very close to Buck House, so in a very popular location with lots of through traffic.

The premises are self-contained (unlike the St Pancras branch) and cover a large area with long benches for sharing in the centre and smaller tables around the outside. I’ve always been able to find a seat when I wanted one, and even when it’s very busy, there’s enough space to move around. I’ve also visited for some impromptu work meetings because I love it so much and want to share the love with my colleagues.

As well as visiting to eat and drink in, you can also grab yourself some groceries for the home – tea, bread, local honey and bean-to-bar chocolate to name a few.

I visit this place almost every day for my coffee, and usually end up grabbing one of the amazing muffins too while I’m at it. They have different till points for different things – one for coffee and cakes and another for sandwiches and hot food. But if you’re ordering a bacon sandwich and a coffee you can do it all at the food till and your coffee will be ready for you when you get over to the other side.

The level of customer service here is very high, and the staff clearly care about their jobs and serving the public. I’m always greeted with a smile and a “Hi, how are you?” no matter who serves me, and often they’ll engage in longer conversation with me too.

The first time I visited I was served by Nat, the green haired barista, who I’ve dubbed “super barista” on Twitter as she consistently makes one of the very best flat whites I have ever had. On the first visit, she demonstrated she’s a real team player by helping a struggling colleague while not neglecting the fact she was serving me. I was really impressed with the whole experience, and she’s living proof that if made with care, drinking a flat white can be a very satisfying experience. Whenever I see her working I always ask for her to make my coffee.

The coffeeSourced_coffee cup
While the customer service is consistent no matter who is serving, the taste and quality of the coffee really depends on who makes it. I’ve had one or two flat whites there that have been quite poor – including one that I tipped away. The beans used aren’t as flavoursome as those at some of my other regular haunts, so if the milk isn’t prepared well, it can really make the whole experience quite disappointing.

Overall the coffee is better than a lot, but not as good as the likes of Prufrock, Monmouth and Mouse Tail.

It costs £2.50 for a flat white, and they have a loyalty card where every 10th coffee is free. I’ve filled four cards in about five weeks as I’m so obsessed with the fact there’s a decent coffee place so close to my work.

The verdict
Overall, this is a great place to visit, with something for everyone. While the coffee and bakery products are priced competitively, some of the other items are quite pricey – sandwiches for around £8 to name one. It’s perfect for a quick catch up with a colleague over coffee, after work drinks, or just to duck in to grab a takeaway hot drink and pastry.

Coffee: 8/10 (10/10 when Nat does it)

Service: 9/10

Location: 9/10

Price: 10/10

Total: 90% (95% when Nat does the coffee)


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