Review: Flat Cap Victoria


Strutton Ground Market, Westminster, London, SW1P 2HR


One of two coffee carts in London, and sister of Notes Coffee, Flat Cap Victoria is located on a bustling street market between Westminster and Victoria stations. It’s one of only a small handful of “proper” coffee sops that I’ve discovered in the Westminster/Victoria area, and probably the best. Although Sourced Market have just opened up nearby, offering some serious competition.

The cart is at the Victoria Street end of Strutton Ground, so is in a prime location, and with only major chains nearby, it has little competition – except for Rag & Bone, about a five minute walk away, and Sourced about 10 minutes away.

As one would expect, the premises are limited – but they have a small marquee, so customers aren’t left standing in the elements.

As its a good 10 minute walk from my office, I don’t visit as often as I’d like, but as the days are getting warmer, I’ve started to venture out that way a bit more often. As it’s on a busy market street, there’s no seating nearby, so it isn’t really possible to use it as an excuse to have an informal work meeting either.


The service is pretty good. I’ve been served by three different guys on the times I have visited. They have great rapport with customers, and with each other (when there’s more than one of them). It feels laid back and informal, which helps to make customers feel at ease. I’ve seen them interact with their more frequent regulars, but I don’t think I’ve been often enough to be recognised, so don’t get that personal touch myself. One of the three seems to be a bit more serious than the others, which can appear as a bit stand-offish, but it’s nothing major.

They accept card as payment, which is handy – most other carts I’ve been to don’t.


The coffee
The coffee is really good too. It’s less sweet and spicy than that found at some of the other great coffee places – Mouse Tail and Monmouth to name two. It has a really great depth of flavour, and is expertly and consistently made by all three. A flat white costs an average £2.70, and is definitely worth paying that much for.

The verdict

Coffee: 8/10

Service: 7/10

Location: 9/10

Price: 8/10

Overall score: 80%


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